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i would like to set up a workflow that uses biblatex-biber with xelatex, on notepad++. the backend=biber in the biblatex environment. can someone explain the command line sequence to me? as i understand it, you run xelatex, biber, xelatex, xelatex. what files are the arguments for each of those commands?

so, assuming i'm trying to compile and then output to PDF a file foo.tex, the sequence would be

xelatex foo.tex
biber ?
xelatex ?
xelatex ?
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biblatex is a package to be loaded in the preamble of your .tex document; biber is a program to be run separate from (Xe)LaTeX. The correct minimum compiling sequence is

xelatex foo(.tex)
biber foo(.bcf)
xelatex foo(.tex)

i.e. one XeLaTeX run less than if one would use traditional BibTeX instead of biber (and not use biblatex).

(I can't comment on the suitability of notepad++ for compiling .tex documents.)

EDIT: Added optional file extensions (.tex, .bcf).

EDIT 2: Last but not least, before you start to write your own makefile, have a look at Tools for automating document compilation.

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