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The title "NAME" seems to be shifted slightly to the right when I use this code, is there a fix to this?

\documentclass[11pt]{res} %Sets the default text size to 11pt and class to article.


%These two pieces of code tell LaTeX that everything that goes in between these tags is what you want displayed as your actual document.
\centerline{{\Huge \sc NAME} }  %Makes whatever text you put in parenthesis move to the center

%Prevents the following text from being indented
%This is the same as a return in Latex
\centerline{124 derp Ave\textbullet \hspace{5pt}  Somewhere,Somewhere \textbullet \hspace{5pt}6125 396 448} 
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Welcome. Note that indenting code by 4 spaces makes it more readable. The easiest way is to select it and press the '{}' button. \centerline is probably not what you want and is deprecated for most use. You might want \title{NAME} in your preamble (the bit before \begin{document}) or you might prefer {\centering\Huge\scshape NAME\\} or \begin{center}\Huge\scshape NAME\end{center}. Don't use \sc - that command is obsolete. Either say \scshape or \textsc{small amount of text}. – cfr Feb 3 '14 at 2:17
Actually, it is slightly left of center when I try it. This can be traced to the extra space after NAME in \centerline{{\Huge \sc NAME} } – Dan Feb 3 '14 at 4:35

Just for example:

\documentclass[11pt]{article}% Sets the default text size to 11pt and class to article.
\usepackage{url}% format urls nicely
\title{Name As Title}
\date{}% if you don't want an automatic date
% \author{}% if you need an author

% \maketitle% format title, author and date (if specified) - possibly not for a CV, though

{\par\centering\Huge\scshape Name with \verb|\centering|\par}

    \Huge\scshape Name in \verb|center| environment

  124 derp Ave\textbullet \hspace{5pt}  Somewhere,Somewhere \textbullet \hspace{5pt}6125 396 448\\

will give you:

sample of <code>\centering</code> and <code>center</code>

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@jon You know, I think you are right. Though I don't know or have forgotten why. (And I am so in the habit of using \` that I never think to use \par`.) – cfr Feb 3 '14 at 2:34

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