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I have a document with a lemma (using amsthm), like so:

\begin{lem} \label{mylemma}
  % ...

The proof of this lemma can be found in the appendix (see section \ref{sec:proof_of_mylemma}).

I now place a copy of the lemma in the appendix, with proof included:


\section{Proof of lemma \ref{mylemma}} \label{sec:proof_of_my_lemma}

  % ...

  % ...

The problem is that the second copy of my lemma has a new number. How can I renumber this lemma to mimick the number of mylemma?


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You can use the restatable environment provided by the thmtools package:




Let $p$ be a prime number, and assume $p$ divides the product of two integers $a$ and $b$. Then $p$ divides $a$ or $p$ divides $b$.

\section{Proof of lemma~\ref{mylemma}} 


enter image description here

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What about the opposite: cite the lemma before? For example, cite on Introduction the Lema 1.2 with the same numbering. – Sigur Feb 4 '14 at 14:03
@Sigur in that case, use the starred version restatable* in the Introduction and the un-starred \primelemma further on in the document. – Gonzalo Medina Feb 4 '14 at 16:57

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