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Is it possible to set tab stops in some sort of initial formatting declaration, abstractly?

The code examples I see around town all show tabs being set by example, with \= in the first line of actual text within the tabbing environment. But I would like to avoid that; my first line will never have enough text in it to fill out up to the place where the tab is to be set.

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You can set the tabs using a line with, for example, \hspace{<length>} and ending the line with the \kill command:


\hspace*{2cm}\=\hspace*{3cm}\= \kill
column1a \> column2a \> column3a \\
column1b \> column2b \> column3b 

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You can also make a custom command if you are reusing the same tabstops


which you can use as

  \>aa \>bb\\


  \>aa \>bb\\
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