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When I try to compile the following code on Windows using MikTeX and TexWorks,

I get the error "Package keyval Error: orientation undefined".

I understand that it is referring to line 69, which has a \end{frame}. What I do not know is why is this LaTeX code not compiling on Texworks on Windows XP? It works on Kile on an Ubuntu box.

% \usepackage{beamerthemebars}
% \usetheme{Berkeley}
\usepackage{tikz} % for pictures and text as overlay
% \usepackage{collect}
% \setbeameroption{show notes on second}

\title{EEE C383 Communication Systems}

\author{Ananth Saradhi}

    \begin{frame}{Review of Previous Class}

       \frametitle{Where are We ?}

        \usebeamerfont{section title}\insertsection
        \author{Ananth Saradhi}



\usebackgroundtemplate{\includegraphics[width=1.0\paperwidth,height = 1.0
\paperheight, orientation= landscape]{lecture_template.pdf}}

\includeonly{lecture - 3}

\beamerdefaultoverlayspecification{<+->} % adds pause after every ``item``



\end{frame} % This is line 69.....

\begin{frame}{History of Electronic Communication}
 %insert timeline from timetoast.com


\begin{frame}{Communication system}
 % Insert three block diagram of a comunication  system

  \item Information
  \item Source
  \item Channel
  \item Destination




Package keyval Error: orientation undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.69 \end{frame}
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orientation is an undefined key for \includegraphics. Maybe you're interested in some form of rotation, which you can specify using the angle key-value.

Why did it compile on a different system? Perhaps it passed through the error due to switch -interaction=nonstopmode.

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