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The varioref package can also cite page ranges by defining a reference to 2 different labels with \vpagerefrange. I did not find information about an option which allows to typeset

  • "5-6" as "5f"
  • and every range spanning more than 2 pages to "5ff"

Is there a package or an option which allows to do that automatically?

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Take a look at the latest development version of cleveref. – Martin Schröder Oct 19 '11 at 6:38
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The varioref package provides \vrefpagenum{<macro>}{<ref>} which stores the page number of the given reference in the macro so that users can define their own vario-style macros. There is an example on page 2f ;-) of the manual.

Here an example implementation. The tests could be optimized a little more.




    \if ?\@tempa\else
    \if ?\@tempb\else
            \@tempa f%
            \@tempa ff%


i-vi: \vrefff{i}{vi}

i-ii: \vrefff{i}{ii}

ii-iii: \vrefff{ii}{iii}

iii-ii: \vrefff{iii}{ii}

i-i: \vrefff{i}{i}

iii-vi: \vrefff{iii}{vi}



Results in:

i-vi: 1ff
i-ii: 1f
ii-iii: 2f
iii-ii: 2f
i-i: 1
iii-vi: 3ff
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