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I was wondering if anybody knows how to draw a multiway tree like in Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3 on page 484?

This looks like a rounded box with the value of the keys being rotated 90 degrees leftwards/counter clockwise and leaf nodes as little squares, with pointers to the next nodes halfway between keys.

Here is how it looks in print

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Thanks for adding the picture. – egreg Feb 5 '14 at 23:01
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A basic approach using TikZ:



  node distance=2cm and 1cm,
  mynoder/.style={draw,rounded corners},
\node[mynoder,text depth=0.4cm] (root) 
  {\quad$\cdots$\ \ \Rot{$031$}\qquad\Rot{$067$}\qquad\Rot{$097$}\ \ $\cdots$\quad\null};
\node[mynoder,below = of root.south west,anchor=west,text depth=0.8cm] (left) 
\node[mynoder,below = of root.south east,anchor=east,text depth=0.8cm] (right) 

\draw ([xshift=-10pt]root.center) -- (left);
\draw ([xshift=10pt]root.center) -- (right);
\foreach \Nodo in {left,right}
  \foreach \Corr in {-15,-5,5,15}
    \path ([yshift=-0.2cm,xshift=\Corr]\Nodo.center) -- ++(0,-1.5cm) node[mysq] (\Nodo\Corr) {};
    \draw ([yshift=-0.2cm,xshift=\Corr]\Nodo.center) -- (\Nodo\Corr);


enter image description here

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