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I am writing a LaTeX class and aim to bundle it as .dtx. My problem is that the class uses graphics that are available for download on the internet, but the license doesn't allow me to spread them along with my class.

So my question is: Is there a preferred way to bundle a class so that it fetches external resources on installation (using curl / wget / whatever)? Is there a way to make this cross-platform? Currently I'm using a Makefile, but this isn't a solution for Windows users.

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Is requiring LuaTeX to typeset the docs an option? Lua can do this without external programs, and I assume this wouldn't break the operation of the package itself. –  Joseph Wright Feb 8 at 7:40
I don't know anything about LuaTeX, typesetting the docs is currently done with XeLaTeX. Can I switch between these? –  flyx Feb 8 at 7:44

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