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I'm using the text editor vim (or MacVim) together with the LatexSuite plugin. It works good, so far, but there is one thing that annoys me: There is an awesome plugin, Rainbow Parenthesis, that will color matching parenthesis in different colors, which makes spotting unbalanced parentheses very easy.

However, I cannot get it to work properly with LatexSuite, because this package defines a whole bunch of syntax regions that override the regions the rainbow color plugin uses. I get the coloring at the top level, but not after a \section{Foo} command, apparently because text below a section becomes a new syntax region...

Did someone succeed in getting these two plugins working together? Or is there a tweaked version of LatexSuite using this type of parenthesis coloring?

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Has this question been answered? Please consider accepting Marcin's answer or supplying your own if you solved the problem. – qubyte Dec 10 '11 at 15:07

This plugin works with AutomaticTexPlugin: http://atp-vim.sourceforge.net/ Note that AutomaticTexPlugin has can close unclosed parenthesis with Tab key.

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