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I'm using the longtable environment with the field p{0.5\textwidth}. The text on that field is set with very odd spacing, because latex attempts to justify it both for the left and right column margins. I tried setting \raggedright for the entire document, but this has no effect on the text in the field. Can anyone suggest a quick fix?

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If you want to apply this to all p-columns you could consider this:


From the documentation:

All \parboxes, minipages, \marginpars and p-columns of tabulars and arrays are automatically set using \RaggedRight.

If you want to apply \RaggedRight only to a particular column, you can insert it into its format definition: >{\RaggedRight}p{0.5\textwidth}.

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@Mayer See also this answer for a more localised solution (also using ragged2e). – Alan Munn Apr 17 '11 at 5:36
The only problem with using ragged2e is that it seems to be incompatible with the bidi package. In my specific project, however, I didn't need to use the bidi (I load it automatically for xelatex), so I dropped it and all is working well. Thanks! – Mayer Goldberg Apr 17 '11 at 8:38

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