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We are using the below definition to get the figure numberings automatically


The output is as shown below:

Figure 1. Caption

But, we need to insert the text "(Online color)" after figure number as shown below:

Figure 1 (Online color). Caption

To achieve this I again redefining the command

\def\fnum@figure{\figurename~\thefigure (Online color)}

which again I have to reset for the next captions.

Could anyone suggest how to get this automatically?

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If you redefine \fnum@figure it will stay redefined unless something else changes it. What class/packages are you using? Can you please provide an example? – Thruston Feb 11 '14 at 10:31
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This should get you started. I have defined a new environment myfigure. If you want

Figure 1 (Online color). Caption

use myfigure or else use figure.

A sample code:

\DeclareCaptionFormat{myformat}{#1 (Online color)#2#3}
    \caption[myfig1]{my caption here}

    \caption[myfig2]{my caption here}

enter image description here

Further adjustments are left as assignment. For details refer to caption manual.

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Here a different solution with no need for additional packages.

Simply issue the command \onlinecap inside those figure environments where you want the modified caption.



\newcommand\onlinecap{\renewcommand\fnum@figure{\figurename~\thefigure~(Online color)}}







enter image description here

Just in case you have figures with multiple captions, you might need a command to nullify the effect of \onlinecap for a subsequent caption. In this case you might also insert between \makeatletter and \makeatother another line which defines a command \offlinecap for this purpose:

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Probably also an \offlinecap command should be provided, in case a figure environment has two captions, only the first of which has the addition. – egreg Feb 11 '14 at 11:46
@egreg Thanks for the suggestion. Added in the answer. – karlkoeller Feb 11 '14 at 12:17

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