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There is a comment between two child nodes down below, that if removed would cause tree to render completely wrong. Why?

\tikzstyle{every node}=[draw=black, thin, minimum height=3em]

        text centered, text width=12em,
        text centered, text width=12em,
        xshift=-3.2em, % Horizontal position of the child node
        text centered, text width=12em,
        edge from parent path={(\tikzparentnode.205) |- (\tikzchildnode.west)}
    level1/.style ={level distance=4em,anchor=west},
    level2/.style ={level distance=8em,anchor=west},
    level3/.style ={level distance=12em,anchor=west},
    level4/.style ={level distance=16em,anchor=west},
    level 1/.style={%
        edge from parent fork down,
        sibling distance=14em,
        level distance=5em
    \node[anchor=south,supervisor](super){Supervisor\\Supervisory position\\Location}[]

    child{node [teammate] {Teammate6\\Position4\\Location4}
        child[subordinate,level1] {node {Subordinate1}}
        child[subordinate,level2] {node {Subordinate2}}}
    % - why is this comment required for proper rendering of the tree???
    child{node [teammate] {Teammate7\\Position5\\Location5}
        child[subordinate,level1] {node {First\\Subordinate}}
        child[subordinate,level2] {node {Subordinate2}}
        child[subordinate,level3] {node {Third\\Teammate}}
        child[subordinate,level4] {node {Longtext-\\teammate}}};



With a comment:

enter image description here

Without a comment:

enter image description here

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I'm actually quite surprised that it even works. You're in general not allowed to have empty lines inside \node ... ;, since empty line is transformed into \par and that can cause troubles. – yo' Feb 14 '14 at 14:35
You can make that an answer! – ajeh Feb 14 '14 at 14:37
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Well, in general, you are not allowed to have empty lines inside \node ... ; or \coordinate ... ; or \draw ... ; or such. The reason is that empty line isn't just a whitespace that is easily trimmed, it transforms into a \par, which can cause a mess in such places.

So It's actually a bit of a surprise that the code compiles with those empty lines. It's certainly better to avoid them: either remove them completely, or at least add %, which "eats everything until the next end-of-line including this end-of-line", so no \par is generated.

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