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I would like to be able to replicate the following image. I am not sure how to force the enumerate to align after $M_2 =$. Could anyone provide an example replicating this?enter image description here

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One option using enumitem:



$M_2={}$ ``On input string
\settowidth\Separation{$M_2={}$ }
\item First.
\item Third.
\item Second.''


enter image description here

The calculation for the horizontal distance for the labels is made with \labelwidth-\labelsep+\Separation, where \Separation is the width of the string you need as alignment point; $M_2={}$, in this case.

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This can be done with a tabular:

  $M_{2} ={}$ & ``On input string $w$:
                \item Sweep left to right
                \item If in stage 1, 
                \item If in stage 1, the tape contained more than single 0 and the number of 0s was odd \emph{reject}''

enter image description here

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