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I have an author who decided to lower the case of the first letter of both her name and surname as a political act. Problem is Biber doesn't agree with it and complains with

WARN - Couldn't determine Last Name for name "case, lower" - ignoring name

How do I increase Biber sensitivity toward political differences?

Please consider the following MWE to replicate the warning message


    title = {Title},
    volume = {15},
    number = {5},
    urldate = {2012-10-12},
    journal = {Journal},
    author = {case, lower  and Case, Upper},
    month = jun,
    year = {2012},
    pages = {222--333}


% Set the values for the bibliography

% Recommended for biblatex

% Set language




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With this input

    title = {Title},
    volume = {15},
    number = {5},
    urldate = {2012-10-12},
    journal = {Journal},
    author = {{case}, {lower}  and Case, Upper},
    month = jun,
    year = {2012},
    pages = {222--333}

I get

enter image description here

So also the initial is computed correctly.

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This what I use, essentially (except all my authors are defined as strings) and I've never had problems. I'm not sure it will work properly with e.g. \Citeauthor{lower_case} but I'm not entirely sure what the correct thing to do is in that case anyway. [Note that in a sense, 'case' should be 'Case' in the list of references because it occurs at what is essentially the start of a sentence. So would 'Case, l & Case, U.' be more correct? This isn't what I do but I've never been entirely sure whether I handle it correctly. – cfr Feb 18 '14 at 0:31
@cfr I'm not sure about what that user wants; I'd say that if she wants to be lowercase, it should be independently of where the name is. – egreg Feb 18 '14 at 0:43
That's the policy I follow but there is something odd about starting a sentence with a lowercase letter. If for example, an author wants to avoid highlighting their name through capitalisation, starting a sentence in lowercase seems to draw attention to the very fact they were anxious not to focus on. – cfr Feb 18 '14 at 1:10
@cfr Good point. I think I would use the lower case in bibliography but I would use a upper case whether the name happen to be the first word of the sentence (By the way, Wikipedia seems to follow this style. – Francesco Feb 18 '14 at 1:49

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