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I'm trying to bring LaTeX to some of my colleague-teachers (in secondary schools, pupils 12->18 years old). They all seem quite reluctant to change.

So I'm trying to collect some quick-win situations, that could convince them to 'give it a try'.

What packages exist already that could provide such a quick-win? Maybe with a brief description?

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I know this seems just another: What packages do exist?-question, I just think there's a lot out there I'm not aware of. –  long tom Feb 18 at 13:00
Teach them tikz and ask to draw some diagrams. Thinking impartially, you can teach them pstricks, and asymtote also. –  Harish Kumar Feb 18 at 13:05
Tikz is a very useful feature, many packages also rely on it. You can check out CTAN, and search for biology or physics iin order to find specialized packages. A quick description is also given to each package. –  Johannes_B Feb 18 at 13:22
I don't think it is a good idea to collect package names in a list. Everybody might have other preferences in choosing packages and defining a workflow. There are far to many packages, may are too localiced for a big audience. –  Johannes_B Feb 18 at 13:24
related: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/102878/… –  Jubobs Mar 1 at 10:49
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2 Answers

polynoms for polynomial handling


  • Horner Scheme typesetting
  • automatic factorisation
  • long division-typesetting
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examdoc for typesetting exams.


  • automatic handling of points
  • Question and solution are combined, what makes it easier to copy-paste new exams.
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