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I am trying to write a report using RevTeX to format my document. Here is a MWE:

Some text \cite{article}

This file is called File Name.tex and I also have a file called bibliography.bib in the same directory. When I compile File Name.tex using pdfLaTeX, RevTeX generates a file called File NameNotes.tex and the File Name.aux file contains a line that says \bibdata{"File Name"Notes,bibliography} instead of just \bibdata{bibliography} like it would say if I was using the article class. Then when I try to run BibTeX, I get an error because there are spaces in one of the bibliography files. I've so far found two ways of fixing this:

  1. Manually delete "File Name"Notes from the \bibdata entry in the aux file every time I run BibTeX. This is a lot of work and it still generates the useless File NameNotes.bib file that I don't want.
  2. Change the file name to something without spaces like FileName.tex. This way I don't have to change the aux file every time, but I end up with a file named something different than I want and it still generates an unneccesary FileNameNotes.bib file that I don't want.

Does anyone know why RevTeX insists on generating this extra bib file that I don't want and how to make it stop generating it?

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REVTeX uses the extra file for notes, but your problem here is really that you are using spaces in your filename. This is really a bad idea in the TeX world (Unix-based tools): can you just rename your file? – Joseph Wright Feb 18 '14 at 20:34
Yes, I can rename it, although I've never had problems with spaces in file names with any other TeX packages. I just thought it was strange that RevTeX has this problem when all the other 100s of LaTeX packages I've used can handld spaces just fine. Is there any way to make it not generate the Notes file? It doesn't seem to contribute anything useful and everything works just fine when I delete it and remove references to it from the aux file. – Isaac Vandermeulen Feb 19 '14 at 22:55
The notes files is auto-generated, as it's needed by REVTeX for some of its features. While you've been lucky to date with spaces in file names, a lot of the underlying way TeX works is based on an assumption that spaces mark the end of file names. – Joseph Wright Feb 20 '14 at 6:59
@JosephWright Do we have a generic Don't use spaces in filenames-answer? Or answer this one? Or close? – Johannes_B Aug 25 '15 at 12:33

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