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I use Geospacw to draw two big circles but I cannot it using TikZ (or PSTricks).


How can I draw it?

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You should at least give it a try; this is not a "do it for me" forum. –  Svend Tveskæg Feb 23 at 3:58
@ Svend I want to try but I can not. –  minthao_2011 Feb 23 at 6:14

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Just for typing exercise with PSTricks.



enter image description here

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Note: hatchstyle=dashed does not exist. –  stalking is prohibited Feb 23 at 4:17

With tikz. May need some polishing but, I put it as such.

\path[#1,pattern=north west lines,pattern color=#1!60,rotate=#5,dashed] (#2) circle [x radius=#3, y radius=#4];
\clip (#3,0) rectangle ([xshift=-0.1,yshift=-0.1]-#3,-#4);
\draw[#1] (#2) circle [x radius=#3, y radius=#4];

  \draw[blue](0,0) circle [radius=2cm];
  \greatcircle[green] {0,0} {2cm}{0.5cm}{-80}
  \greatcircle[red] {0,0} {2cm}{0.5cm}{-10} 
    \draw[fill] (0,0) circle (1pt) node[xshift=5pt] {A}; 

enter image description here

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@TheLastError No Golfed version :) –  Harish Kumar Feb 23 at 5:39
How to rotate the disc along another axis? –  rpapa Feb 24 at 15:39
@rpapa not the rotation but simply change the y radius. –  Harish Kumar Feb 24 at 22:24

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