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After I installed Windows 7 (and reinstalled MikTeX, eclipse and TeXlipse) I couldn't build my LaTeX projects. I'm trying to compile TeXlipse project however following error message appears in the console

pdflatex.exe> pdflatex.exe: A required file system path could not be retrieved.
pdflatex.exe> pdflatex.exe: Data: 28

All tex paths are set properly, I'm still able to launch pdflatex in windows command line utility, but Eclipse's magic ctrl+B is broken. Did anybody face such problem?

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Are you able to preview documents with ctrl+4? I'm working on Windows 7 + texlipse as well, and I can't build neither with ctrl+B. However, previewing with ctrl+4 works for me. – donodarazao May 5 '11 at 13:22

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