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I need to create multiple tables of the same width, one of them needs to be a longtable due to spanning multiple pages. I could set the width of all of them to a predefined value. However, I would rather like to take it from the natural width of one of the tables. How could I do this?

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Inside the threeparttablex package I use this construction to detect the width from within the table itself

\renewcommand\LT@entry[2]{\global\advance\TPTL@width by ##2}

Then the width is then stored in \TPTL@width globally. It takes a few compilations before it is stable.

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Write the longtable into an external file and read it in with \LTXtable:


\begin{tabular}{@{} ccc @{}}\hline
One & Two & Three\\\hline


\begin{longtable}{@{} ccX @{}}\hline
1 & 2 & 3\\\hline



enter image description here

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This is a solution without getting the width of one of the table but you may combine it with daleif’s answer.

Short Table:

\begin{tabu} to \mytablen {|XX|}
1 & 2\\
3 & 4\\

Long Table:

\begin{longtabu} to \mytablen {|XX|}
1 & 2\\
3 & 4\\

Note that the {longtabu} is centered by default an that longtable needs to be loaded manually

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Similar to daleif's solution, hack into longtable package:



  \def\LT@entry##1##2{\advance#1 by ##2}%


foo & bar \\
1 & 1234567 \\



\getLTwidth gets the last longtable's width and set the variable locally.

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you don't need threeparttablex in my solution above – daleif Apr 20 '11 at 16:31
That's true, I didn't noticed it. The code is still a little different. I use \LT@save@row outside longtable package, and (maybe unnecessary) set the dimension locally. – Leo Liu Apr 20 '11 at 17:21

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