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This two questions have been answered separatly it should be interesting to be able to shade a region using previously named pathes. Is there a possibility to combine this two macros ?

enter image description here


%%%% Tikz: shading region bounded by several curves
%%%% thanks to Qrrbrbirlbel
  saveuse path/.code 2 args={
    \pgfkeysalso{#1/.style={insert path={#2}}}%
    \global\expandafter\let\csname pgfk@\pgfkeyscurrentpath/.@cmd%
      % not optimal as it is now global through out the document
    \csname pgfk@\pgfkeyscurrentpath/.@cmd\endcsname
    \pgfkeysalso{#1}},/pgf/math set seed/.code=\pgfmathsetseed{#1}

%%%% Calling a previously named path in tikz
%%%% thanks to Andrew Stacey
  use path for main/.code={%
      \expandafter\pgfsyssoftpath@setcurrentpath\csname tikz@intersect@path@name@#1\endcsname
  use path for actions/.code={%
    \expandafter\def\expandafter\tikz@preactions\expandafter{\tikz@preactions\expandafter\let\expandafter\tikz@actions@path\csname tikz@intersect@path@name@#1\endcsname}%
  use path/.style={%
    use path for main=#1,
    use path for actions=#1,



\path[name path={Rond}] (0,0) circle (.5) ;
\draw[use path=Rond] ;

\clip[saveuse path={A}{(0,0) circle (1.5)}] [preaction={fill=red!30}] ;
\path[saveuse path={B}{(0,0) circle (1 and 2)},dashed] [draw,preaction={fill=blue!30}];

\path[A,B] ;

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