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I have been using the natbib package for a couple of years and I am rather satisfied; however, I have a problem that Google search hasn't solved, nor seems it already answered here... I would like the bibliography generated by natbib to be displayed in the form: Surname, Name, Title, Publisher, Year. For example, the entry:

 address              = {Paris},
 author               = {Bec, Pierre},
 publisher            = {A. \& J. Picard},
 title                = {Manuel pratique de philologie romane},
 year                 = {1970},

produces: Pierre Bec. Manuel pratique de philologie romane. A. & J. Picard, Paris, 1970.

I would like that it be displayed: Bec, Pierre. Manuel pratique de philologie romane. A. & J. Picard, Paris, 1970. instead.

I use:

\documentclass[reqno, psamsfonts, draft, titlepage, twoside]{amsbook}

in the preamble, and


just before


Many thanks!

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Your code is incomplete. And please use code sample syntax (the buttom with 101010) to show your code. – Leo Liu Apr 21 '11 at 14:50

You can generate your own bst (bibtex style file) using Custombib.


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Many thanks for this link. I'll try it out. – user5022 Apr 21 '11 at 22:04

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