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What is the proper way of solving this problem with respect to AUCTeX's design - I mean, how to do that in a way that it will still recognize the errors, display log on demand, make "View" command default on successful compilation, etc. Or, what is a way to define my own command with the same functionality and make it default?

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Do you want to do this with every .tex file you edit or only for certain projects? –  Paul Gessler Mar 4 at 16:48
@PaulGessler Actually, now I think that I will use this chain for every (main) .tex file, even in the future. –  Andrew Zabavnikov Mar 4 at 17:03
Do you really want to do that, or merely use the PDFLaTeX option ? that's generally a better way to make a PDF while retaining all the features you want. –  Suresh Mar 4 at 17:37
@Suresh Why it is? And what is the way to properly handle .eps graphics with the pdflatex? Here, 'proper' means that I can use them in scalable manner (after conversion to some other format for example). –  Andrew Zabavnikov Mar 4 at 17:47
ah. I didn't think anyone used .eps any more :). If you have .eps files it's probably best to go that route. –  Suresh Mar 4 at 17:48

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With the current AUCTeX management of compilers I think the cleanest solution would be to add a new command for dvips and another one for ps2pdf and every time issue C-c C-c three times, but this isn't definitely comfortable.

Here there is the following solution (slightly improved): add this code to your .emacs file

(eval-after-load "tex"
      '("LaTeX + dvips + ps2pdf"
    "latex%(mode) %t && dvips %d -o %f && ps2pdf14 %f"
    TeX-run-TeX nil t))))

This isn't the best solution, but at least is able to catch error reports.

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Note that it may be necesary to include this inside a (eval-after-load "tex-mode" ...) –  cool_me5000 Mar 31 at 22:28
@cool_me5000 Thank you for the suggestion ;-). –  giordano Mar 31 at 22:31

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