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I want to get the following kind of citation using natbib, is that possible?

"some guy said this" (SomeGuy, 2010, as cited in SomeOtherGuy, 2013)

I can do this manually by writing:

"some guy said this" \citep[as cited in SomeOtherGuy, 2013]{someguykey2010}

but I would much rather have the second reference be a reference in itself.

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Do you mean something like this?



title="A journal article",
journal="A Journal",
title="A journal article",
journal="A Journal",



``some guy said this'' \citep[as cited in \citealp{someotherguykey2013}]{someguykey2010}



enter image description here

If you want, you can even define a new command \doublecitep

\newcommand{\doublecitep}[2]{\citep[as cited in \citealp{#2}]{#1}}

and use it like


instead of

\citep[as cited in \citealp{someotherguykey2013}]{someguykey2010}
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I can't believe I didn't even try that. I just assumed I couldn't use commands in an option. – Per Enström Mar 5 '14 at 13:42

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