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I'm using latest TeXLive on Linux, and have gnuplot installed. I have also installed gnuplottex package.

Then, I'm trying to compile the basic gnuplottex CTAN example, example-pdf.tex; however, I get this:

$ pdflatex -shell-escape test.tex
! Undefined control sequence.
\gnuplotverbatimwrite ...e \openout \verbatim@out 
                                                  #1 \BeforeStream \let \do ...
l.7 ...f,terminaloptions={font ",10" linewidth 3}]

? X

(full log here)

Anyone have any idea how do I get this basic example to work?

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I've updated the package with the bug fix, should be at a CTAN mirror near you shortly. Thanks guys!

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Many thanks for the feedback, @Lars Kotthoff - moved the accepted answer to yours :) Cheers! – sdaau Sep 12 '11 at 15:38

I also experienced this error message and used your solution for it. It works very well for smaller documents, meaning less than, say, up to 13 gnuplot-streams in a file.

sadly I experienced a new error in bigger files of my Ph.D. since then: "no room for a new \write". This occurs, if you have more than 13 gnuplot figures in your file, in my case currently I have about 30.

But, finally I got a solution for this also, in de.comp.text.tex by Heiko Oberdiek: just change your: \newwrite\verbatim@out with: \@ifundefined{verbatim@out}{\newwrite\verbatim@out}{}% This avoids that each gnuplot-stream blocks a write-register and the error will not occur any more.

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Hi @Brinker - many thanks for posting your issue and resolution as well! Cheers! – sdaau Jul 20 '11 at 10:07

Ok, I think I got it - I think it's an error in the package itself..

First of all, according to the error message above, the 'undefined control sequence' seems to occur for \verbatim@out. I first tried to debug the macros using a \tracingmacros=1 in the .tex file, but that didn't tell me too much.

Then I read a bit through verbatim.pdf - A New Implementation of LaTeX's verbatim and verbatim * Environments., and it says:

As a final nontrivial example we describe the definition of an environment called verbatimwrite. It writes all text in its body to a file whose name is given as an argument. We assume that a stream number called \verbatim@out has already been reserved by means of the \newwrite macro.

Ahha... well, gnuplottex.dtx (and the corresponding gnuplottex.sty that gets generated), actually doesn't use \newwrite at all!!

So I simply opened my /PATH/TO/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/gnuplottex/gnuplottex.sty in a text editor, and inserted a \newwrite\verbatim@out after line 84 - so the code around it now looks like:


    \newwrite\verbatim@out % <===== ADDED HERE!!
    {\message{Opening gnuplot stream #1}%
        \immediate\write\verbatim@out{\string set terminal \gnuplotterminal \gnuplotterminaloptions}
\immediate\write\verbatim@out{\string set output '\figname.\gnuplottexextension{\gnuplotterminal}'}
    \immediate\openout \verbatim@out #1

... and now the basic example seems to work :) (although, I cannot really tell if this is all there is to it :))


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