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I have 25 entries in 25 rows in my tex file. I want to itemize them all i.e. put \item in front of them all by selecting all of them and a single command.

Is there a shortcut in Texstudio for it?

Sorry, but I couldn't find it in the menus.

Thanks MB

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I don't use the software but have you had a look here? texstudio.sourceforge.net/manual/current/… You may search all available shortcuts there and define yours, if you need to. –  LaRiFaRi Mar 9 at 0:10
If your entries contain empty spaces before you can replace an empty space by \item . Select the 25 lines and press ctrl+r to Replace. –  Sigur Mar 9 at 0:45
thanks for the short cut link to the texstudio sourceforge page. –  MSB Mar 9 at 17:05

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