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How can one change the colour, pitch, line style, etc of the rules generated by the geometry package's showframe option?

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Compile and read this MWE:

\def\Gm@hrule{\color{red!20}\hrule height 4pt depth\z@ width\textwidth}%
\def\Gm@vrule{\color{red!20}\vrule width 4pt height\textheight depth\z@}%
\def\Gm@hruled{\color{red!20}\hrule height\z@ depth4pt width\textwidth}%


\title{How to change the color of \texttt{showframe}}


You need change the rules. Not all those of the society, but only the three
defined in \verb|geometry.sty| with the macros 
\verb|\Gm@vrule|  \verb|\Gm@hrule| and  \verb|\Gm@hruled|. 
Thus, simply define again these rules in your preamble, adding some color. 
Of course, include before the  \verb|color| or \verb|xcolor| package.

As these commands contain the character @, remember that you need put 
these definitions in a  \verb|\makeatletter| \dots  \verb|\makeatother| group.

The rest of this the \verb|lipsum| dummy text of any decent 
minimal  working example. 
You do not need read the following text.  \lipsum[1]


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The internal macro \Gm@pageframes sets the frames, thus it can be extended to add a color:



\section{Hello World}


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