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I want to have a vector with a superscript:


But this gives very bad results: the t is overlapping with the vector arrow. How do I fix this (and why does this give bad results in the first place) ?

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I don't really know why the result is bad; I suspect it has to do with the width of the letter. I wouldn't use such a notation, but that's a personal opinion.



the superscript is moved a bit to the right. One might perhaps let TeX do some computations in order that the shift to the right of the superscript is automatic.

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Try this:

$\vv{o}^t \ \vv{o^t}$

(I have included egreg's code to make the comparison easier.)

The first two are done using the esvect package, the third is egreg's code. The visual comparison.

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How about something like




$\vec{o}^t o$ $\vo^t o$ 

$\vec{o} o$ $\vo o$

$\vec{o}^t_t o$ $\vo^t_t o$


enter image description here

This looks all right for $\vo^t$. (The ^ must be immediately after \vo.) I don't know how to make just the superscript shift in $\vo^t_t$.

Here is a discussion of how \@ifnextchar works.

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