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Please bear with me. I am a newbie to TEX. The following code creates page number at the top and Cont. at the bottom right of each page as you can see in the image.

But I am not sure where these come from. Please let me know which codes are responsible for these. Thanks in advance.

\usepackage[left=0.3in, right=0.3in, top=0.7in, bottom=0.7in]{geometry}


\ExamClass{Grade 8 Math}
\ExamName{Geometry of Polygon, Length and Area}



\textbf{First Name (Print):} \hrulefill \\
\textbf{Last Name (Print):}  \hrulefill }

Content here.
More content.

Page 3 of 7 at the top-right. enter image description here

Cont. at the bottom-right.

enter image description here

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Those headers and footers are set up by the mathexam package. If you want to remove the header and footer, add nohdr as an option to the package, i.e. write


instead of


If you just want to remove the page numbers and the footer, you can use the features from fancyhdr, which is the package used by mathexam to set them up. Adding


to the preamble somewhere after \usepackage{mathexam} will remove the footer and the right part of the header (the page numbers).

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