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I have something like


Blah Blah (\cite{All14})


But LaTeX keeps placing a space before my citation, i.e. my output looks like "Blah Blah ( [All14])". So, I modified it to Blah Blah (\hspace*{-3px}\cite{All14}). However, this seems to be a less than elegant solution. Is there a better way to eliminate this space?

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The cite package tries to be clever and insert spaces before references when they are necessary. For example if you type

Here is some text\cite{xxx}.

then it will insert a space after "text". This behaviour can be turned off completely by


Alternatively, if you want this behaviour in general but have problems in isolated cases, you can insert a small space

(\hspace{1sp}\cite{All14} says...)

1sp is the smallest non-zero space in TeX, roughly 1/100 of the wavelength of light according to the TeX book.

Sample output




Blah Blah (\hspace{1sp}\cite{All14})


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