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What's the proper way to reference a section with a counter in the title? The TOC generates correctly, but the cross references aren't so lucky.


\documentclass[letterpaper, 12pt, twoside]{exam}


        \section*{Lesson \arabic{KSRLessonNumberCounter}: #2}
        \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Lesson \arabic{KSRLessonNumberCounter}: {#2}}



This is the first lesson. The second lesson is \nameref{sec:blah}.


This is the second section

\KSRSection{Lorem Ipsum}

Dollars are Set in \nameref{sec:blah}.


MWE: wrong section numbers

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It is an expansion issue. The title string is not expanded and contains:

Lesson \arabic {KSRLessonNumberCounter}: Blah

Package hyperref loads nameref, which uses package gettitlestring to get a clean title string (removing \label, \index, ...). There are two methods, the traditional way without expansion or the version with expansion. The former is the default. By switching to method expand the problem is solved:

\usepackage{nameref}% loads gettitlestring
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A different solution than Heiko's that uses standard names. You simply enter \subsection for subsections, without the need of *; for the reference to a section, use \lectref.

\documentclass[letterpaper, 12pt, twoside]{exam}


\renewcommand{\@seccntformat}[1]{Lesson \csname the#1\endcsname: }

  \hyperref[#1]{Lesson~\ref*{#1}: \nameref*{#1}}%




This is the first lesson. The second lesson is \lectref{sec:blah}.


This is the second section

\subsection{A subsection}

Here it is

\section{Lorem Ipsum}

Dollars are Set in \lectref{sec:blah}.


I used colorlinks to show them in the picture.

enter image description here

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