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It's my first plot and I tried to google for half an hour but couldn't figure out how to fix my attempt to replicate this graph. Could someone help me?

enter image description here

This is, what I have got:

Errors so far:

  1. parabola (2,2)node[pos=0.8, right=10pt] {erfahren}; positioning doesn't work, anyways the parables are wrong
  2. I couldn't find how to draw these parables, something like -((x-2)^2)+2

Thank you in advance !




     \draw (0,0) -- (5,0) node[pos=0.5,below=14pt] {Zeit$\rightarrow$};
     \draw (0,0) -- (0,3) node[pos=0.5, left=10pt][text width=2cm]{$\uparrow$\\Emotionale\\Insensität};

     \draw (0,0) parabola (2,2)node[pos=0.8, right=10pt] {erfahren};
     \draw[dashed] (0,0) parabola (3,2)node[pos=0.5, right=10pt] {vorhergesagt};


enter image description here

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1. The change lines \\ doesn't work. Use a \parbox. 2. Try shift right=3pt. 3. Take a look at the Hobby package for "freehand" drawing of graphs. – Charles Staats Mar 14 '14 at 19:08
Well, changing the lines works if the node is aligned. Imho I would say align=center is better than using a parbox but then it's only a gut feeling (i. e. I don't have a concise point for or against either one). – henry Mar 14 '14 at 19:11
@henry align or text width keys switch the node hbox to a minipage which is a little better for node text control – percusse Mar 14 '14 at 19:13
thank you ! I edited the graph. could someone give me advice, how to draw this upside down parables? and how to put the nodes with an I (Time1/2/3/4)? – Tobias Wille Mar 14 '14 at 20:14
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With a little TikZ:

    % Time axis
    \draw (0,0) -- node[below=1cm] {Time $\to$} (6,0);
    % Emotional axis
    \draw (0,0) -- node[left] {\parbox{2cm}{\centering $\uparrow$ \\ Emotional \\ intensity}} (0,4);
    % Time ticks
    \foreach \x [count=\j] in {0.2,3,4.5,6} {
        \draw (\x,0) coordinate (t\j) -- (\x,-0.1cm) node[below] (tt\j) {Time \j};
    \node[below] at (tt1.south) {(Emotional event)};
    % Curves
    \draw (t1) .. controls +(1,2) .. node[above right] {Experienced} (t2);
    \draw[dashed] (t1) .. controls +(1,4) .. node[above right] {Predicted} (t4);

enter image description here

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\parbox is not a TikZ solution! You may use align=center as node option instead. – Paul Gaborit Mar 14 '14 at 21:22

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