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Does biblatex allow to append arbitrary comments to footnote citations?

For example, I now have this code:

Lorem ipsum.\autocite[2]{foobar}

And it gives this at the bottom of the page:

Foobar, p. 2.

The result I'm after is:

Foobar, p. 2. What a cute little comment.

Where should I put "What a cute little comment." for it to appear in the footnote?

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\footnote{\textcite[2]{foobar}. What a cute little comment.}? – egreg Mar 15 '14 at 18:48
Worked. Thank you, egreg. I had to replace \textcite with \cite though, because the particular citation style I use disliked it. – Mihai Nagy Mar 15 '14 at 19:00
You could also use \autocite[\pno~2. What a cute little comment.]{foobar} (biblatex drops the page prefix if it finds that the postnote is not a number, we have to re-insert it manually via´\pno, use \ppno` for more than one page.) – moewe Mar 15 '14 at 19:13
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I think that in this case you don't have a footnote citation, but a real footnote that happens to contain a citation.

A command such as \footcite (which your bibliographic style translates \autocite to) is meant for just a citation.

So I think it's preferable to make your intentions clear:

\footnote{\cite[2]{foobar}. A nice comment follows.}

One might object that \autocite allows for simply changing the style from footnote citations to in-text ones, but in this case a comment wouldn't find its place naturally in the text flow.

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