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I'd like to add two rules between two columns of a multicols environment.

For adding one I used \setlength{\columnseprule}{0.2pt} but how can I add two?

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You can patch the command responsible for typesetting the rule

\usepackage{lipsum} % just for the example






enter image description here

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How can I color those vrules, e.g. blue? Difficult? –  Keks Dose Mar 20 at 13:57
\columnseprulecolor dictates the color. See documentation. –  cslstr Mar 20 at 14:00
@KeksDose \renewcommand{\columnseprulecolor}{\color{blue}} –  egreg Mar 20 at 14:01
Sorry, RTFM, yes. But thank you both, egreg and cslstr. Looks cool. Take a kind of purple color (+xcolor-package) and the layout reminds me on centuries old books. –  Keks Dose Mar 20 at 14:23

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