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I have to cite a forthcoming paper. I know this paper will be printed in 2014 in a collective book but I don't have any specific details about the publisher, collection, editors, ... Basically, I just have the title, the author, the date (2014) and an url to a preprint version.

What is the best way to cite such paper in an academic publication? I would like to use @incollection biblatex entry type but without the title of the book I obtained:

enter image description here

  Title                    = {article's title},
  Author                   = {Doe, John},
  Date                     = {2014},
  Url                      = {http://url_to_preprint_version.pdf}

Where do I place the "forthcoming" (or should I write "inpress"?)?

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That should be the value of the field pubstate, and descriptions of the different values is in section Maybe prepublished suits best here, "the manuscript is published in a preliminary form or location, such as online version in advance of print publication"?

I wouldn't use @incollection if you don't know anything about that collection anyway, but

  Title                    = {article's title},
  Author                   = {Doe, John},
  Date                     = {2014},
  Url                      = {http://url_to_preprint_version.pdf},
  pubstate                 = {prepublished}                  

Also, add urldate!

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