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I'm very new to LaTeX, and have never been very good with computers, so apologies for not knowing how to post questions on here properly or missing out anything important.

I have this:

\[F_f=\{z\in \mathbb{\hat{C}}:(\vert f^n(z) \vert) is bounded\}\]

"is bounded" comes out in italics and I'd like it to look like normal text (as in text not in $$ or \[\] signs. Any help would be appreciated.

And I realize that I've got lots of \ signs missing, they don't seem to show up.

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Use: \text{ is bounded}. –  Gonzalo Medina Mar 23 at 16:56
Use \text{ is bounded} and be happy. –  Sigur Mar 23 at 16:56
Better yet, \{z\in\hat{\mathbb{C}}:\text{$(\lvert f^n(z)\rvert)$ is bounded}\} –  egreg Mar 23 at 16:58
Wow, that's great! Thank you! –  kingzapper Mar 23 at 17:00

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