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I know how to deal with the problem with the older version of LaTeXTools. But recently LaTeXTools has been updated, which turn out to deprive me of knowing what to do.

I use Windows+MikTex, by the way.

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In the more recent versions of LaTeXTools, enabling this has become less hackish. There are two methods that can be used to set flags for pdflatex. Either:

  1. At the start of your text file include a "magic" comment like this: %!TEX option = --shell-escape


  1. In the builder_settings section of LaTeXTools setting file, add a key "options" like this:

    "options": [ "--shell-escape" ],

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See answer here.

"tap Preferences->package settings->LaTeXTools->Reconfigure LaTeXTools 
and migrate settings in order to create the LaTeXTools.sublime-settings file."
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