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I would like to cite something in a very specific form. For example, I want in my text to have exactly this

....for further details see Diamond(1965, Appendix B)

This is my MWE

\documentclass[preprint, 12pt, authoryear]{elsarticle}


for further details see \cite[Appendix B]{Diamond1965}



In my document i get this style (Diamond, 1965, Appendix B) which I do not like. Is something that I should handle through any options or change the bibstyle ?

Many thanks

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Try using \citet instead of \cite? – Adam Liter Mar 27 '14 at 17:46
@Adam Yes, it worked. Thanks – user17880 Mar 27 '14 at 18:03
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The problem, here, is that \cite is no longer really supported by natbib. According to the documentation (pp. 7-8):

In the original versions of natbib, the traditional \cite command was used for both textual and parenthetical citations. The presence of an empty optional text in square brackets signalled parenthetical. This syntax has been retained for compatibility, but is no longer encouraged. This means that \cite (without notes) is the same as \citet in author–year mode, whereas in numerical mode, it is the same as \citep. The starred version, as well as the one or two optional notes, may also be used.

The \citet command (and its relatives) is what is supposed to be used for textual (in-line) citations, and the \citep command (and its relatives) is supposed to be used for parenthetical citations.

So, in your case, you want to use \citet, not \cite.

Here is a handy natbib reference sheet.

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