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To ensure that a new chapter starts on a right-hand page, the book class (and the report class with the options twoside and openright) will insert blank pages between chapters if necessary. However, these pages still contain the headers and footers as defined by the class. How can I remove those?

Note: I know that I can manually add \clearpage\thispagestyle{empty} at the appropriate points of my document. However, this seems awkward and is prone to fail if I change my document later. I'm looking for automatic solutions.

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It is not enough to put \pagestyle{empty} where you do not want the headers, and then \pagestyle{your-page-style} to bring them back? – giuseppe Mar 22 '14 at 9:37
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Use the emptypage package.

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I was about to ask for more information, but I realized there really isn't any necessary: Adding \usepackage{emptypage} removes headers and footers on empty pages. I was pleasantly surprised :) – Achal Dave Apr 27 at 15:33

You could redefine \cleardoublepage:

\renewcommand*{\cleardoublepage}{\clearpage\if@twoside \ifodd\c@page\else

The fancyhdr package deals with this topic in its documentation. Have a look at section 15 Those blank pages on page 15.

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I believe this is the default behaviour for the memoir class.

It can be further (bizarrely) tailored by, for example




but, sadly, not for \cleartorecto or cleartoverso

Slightly more diligent research show this: \cleartorecto and cleartoverso include this call:


The cleared memoir page style is defined by:


and all is nicely described in section 7.2, "Page Styles" of the memoir manual (memman.pdf)

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The KOMA-Script classes allow to set the pagestyle of inserted "blank" pages with the option cleardoublepage (which defaults to empty). See section 3.13 of the KOMA-Script manual for details.

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One can also tweak the styles directly by \ofoot etc. See scrguien.pdf – koppor Apr 11 '13 at 7:10

the default behaviour for the ams document classes is to omit running heads from otherwise empty pages between chapters.

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