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I'm making a table that contains bond lengths and angles, and I can't get any dashes to show up to indicate a bond.

I have typed (ETA entire table code):

\caption[Selected bond lengths and angles of \ce{(Ph4P)2[Mn(Cl4Cat)3]}]{Selected bond lengths and angles of \ce{(Ph4P)2[Mn(Cl4Cat)3]}~\cite{Ruiz200076}. symmetry code: I = $x, y, -z+1/2$}
\hline \hline
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\emph{Bond Lengths (\AA)}} && \multicolumn{2}{c}{\emph{Bond Angles (deg)}} \\
Mn(1)––O(11) & 1.892(6) && O(11) –– Mn(1) –– O(12) & 85.6(2) \\
Mn(1) –– O(12) & 1.885(5) && O(11) –– Mn(1) –– O(21) & 90.8(2) \\
Mn(1) –– O(21) & 1.877(6) && O(11) –– Mn(1) –– O(11\textsuperscript{I}) & 92.9(4) \\
 &  && O(11) –– Mn(1) –– O(12\textsuperscript{I}) & 90.8(2) \\
 &  && O(11) –– Mn(1) –– O(21\textsuperscript{I}) & 175.1(3) \\
 &  && O(12) –– Mn(1) –– O(21) & 92.7(2) \\
 &  && O(12) –– Mn(1) –– O(12\textsuperscript{I}) & 174.8(3) \\
 &  && O(12) –– Mn(1) –– O(21\textsuperscript{I}) & 91.2(2) \\
 &  && O(21) –– Mn(1) –– O(21\textsuperscript{I}) & 85.7(3) \\


And what I get is: enter image description here

Why are the dashes gone? Using - or --- also doesn't show up. Taking the spaces out from between results in no space at all showing up (i.e. Mn(1)--O(11) comes out as Mn(1)O(11) )

This is super annoying since I literally copy/pasted the table formatting from another table where dashes ARE showing up, replaced it with the manganese info, and poof all dashes are gone.

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Welcome to TeX.SX. I can't reproduce the problem with the code you have posted. Please edit your question so that it includes a complete example that reproduces the problem. Without this, it may be difficult for anyone to help you. – Ian Thompson Mar 27 '14 at 21:49

TeX usually converts two hyphens -- to an en dash. However, the code snippet is using an Unicode en dash ( U+2013) instead of the hyphen (- U+002D).

After a rewrite with the hyphen character the dash should be visible.

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Explain? Typing "-" or "--" or "---" all results in the same thing, which is no type of dash or hyphen whatsoever. Is there some code to make a dash show up? – hmc73 Mar 27 '14 at 22:03
@hmc73: You are using the wrong input character. You need the ASCII hyphen, not the Unicode en dash. Try a different editor. – Heiko Oberdiek Mar 27 '14 at 22:04
Aha! Using TeXShop instead of TeXworks was successful. Thank you! – hmc73 Mar 27 '14 at 22:07

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