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I try to implement a personnal class using key-value options (I am a beginner in that field). For exemple, I would like to specify the language (for babel package) with an option "langue=xxx" with "francais" as default value. I tried the kvoptions package as follows :

Class file : (I give you the whole list of packages in case you detect a conflict)

\ProvidesClass{mepp}[2014/03/08 Personnal class development version]




\RequirePackage[paper=a4paper, lmargin=15mm, rmargin=15mm, tmargin=15mm, bmargin=15mm,
                    includeall, marginparwidth=44mm, headheight=\baselineskip]{geometry}

\RequirePackage{array, multirow, tabularx}
\RequirePackage{xcolor, color, colortbl}
\RequirePackage{amssymb, mathrsfs, stmaryrd, gensymb}
\RequirePackage{graphicx, picins}
\RequirePackage{fancyhdr, lastpage}
\RequirePackage{titlesec, titletoc}



Tex file :


but compilation fails : compiler says there is no language specified for babel. If I do not specify any option or if I give a "wrong" option without "=" symbol, compilation works, because it assigns the default value to "langue".

So, why is the option "langue=francais" not recognized ? Thanks for your help.

(sorry for language, I am French)

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Welcome to TeX.SX! You have \PassOptionsToPackage{\mepp@langue}{babel} after \RequirePackage{babel} which is a possible source of your problem. Try \RequirePackage{\mepp@langue}{babel} instead. – egreg Mar 30 '14 at 9:41
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You're loading babel before \PassOptionsToPackage{\mepp@langue}{babel} so the option is not evaluated; just use


If you want to load babel only if the langue option is specified, you can do


and then


so if the langue=... option is not specified, babel won't be loaded.

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Thank you, it works ! But I do not understand : if I do not specify the option "langue", \mepp@langue takes the defaut value "francais" and option is correctly evaluated although babel is loaded before the command \PassOptionToPackage... Why ? – Emmanuel G. Mar 30 '14 at 11:51
@EmmanuelG. With the syntax you use, \mepp@langue is initialized to francais. – egreg Mar 30 '14 at 12:26

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