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It's a very trivial question, but where I can to download YAP without MiKTeX?

I have begun to use TeX Live instead if MiKTeX, however, I want to keep YAP. In TeX Live, there is only DVIOUT application.

I didn't find a separate installer for YAP. Do you know where it's possible to get installer just for YAP?

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From an existing installation or from MiKTeX Portable. But I do not know, whether this runs without MiKTeX. –  Speravir Apr 1 at 2:15
Yap needs at least access to the fonts in the texmf tree as (unlike the pdf-format) dvi doesn't contain them. It also need access to a texmf tree to store font files (pk, tfm) it perhaps has to create. So a standalone installation doesn't make much sense. You could install a basic miktex and attach the texlive texmf roots. But you will probably run into problems with the tools with the same names on both system. –  Ulrike Fischer Apr 1 at 7:00
See this discussion at LaTeX Community from 2009. –  corporal Apr 1 at 22:44

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