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I want to align both the numbers and the text to the left using siunitx' S column type. I tried:






   A & {Column1 symbol $\Delta$} & {Column2 symbol $\delta$} \\
     & {Column1} & {Column2} \\
   B &  -5.0 \pm 1.0 & -10.0 \pm 2.0 \\
   C &   0.0 \pm 1.0 &   5.0 \pm 2.0 \\
   D & -20.0 \pm 1.0 & -100.0 \pm 2.0 \\


Unfortunately the text and the minus' from the numbers are not in line. Aligning both to the right works fine.

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You are not really giving the package enough info about your input. Does for example table-format = -2.1(1) help? –  Joseph Wright Apr 2 at 8:03
table-format = -2.1(1) works for column 2 where the numbers have two integer digits. Hence, I have to specify the format individually for each column if the number of integer digits divers. Would be nice to finally set the alignment using one general option. –  A. Groh Apr 2 at 10:21
Without pre-parsing all of the column content, it's not possible to know in advance how much space to allow for the content of a column. That's the reason that siunitx needs the information 'up front': parsing tables would require a massive change to underlying structures and is far too risking in LaTeX2e. –  Joseph Wright Apr 2 at 10:46

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