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I have a csv file formatted like this one:

"","head 1","head 2","head 3"
"count 1","23","24","25"
"percentage 1","23%","24%","25%"
"count 2","53","54","55"
"percentage 2","53%","54%","55%"

I'm using datatool package to convert csv to table. I want to format the table to right-align. But right-align only works when the csv is formatted like this one:
"row 2","23","24","25"

I know I can manually adjust the table to get what I need. But the csv file is dynamic (the csv file is generated by the system).

How can I get a right-aligned table, fix the csv source or fix the LaTeX?

This is my the sample LaTeX code:





\section{CSV Test}

\caption{CSV Table Test}        


And the csv:

"","Head 1","Head 2"
"Count 1","15","99"
"Count 2","33","353"
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How about making a script to pre-process your csv file? – ℝaphink Apr 29 '11 at 8:11
Welcome to tex.sx! It's not necessary to sign your questions (as there is already a box with your username below it) or to begin them with a greeting. – doncherry Apr 29 '11 at 8:47
Can you add a minimal document that shows what you've done that doesn't work? (The document should load only datatool, read in a minimal CSV file and attempt to format it the way you want.) – Alan Munn Apr 29 '11 at 11:07
The answer section is for solutions to the question only. I moved the example code to the question. You can edit it to provide more information one posted. You can and should also use <pre>...</pre> HTML tags around non-TeX code like CSV instead of `...`<br>. – Martin Scharrer Apr 29 '11 at 14:30
\caption{CSV Table Test}        

The quoted entries are interpreted by datatool as strings, so you need to help the package by telling it how to align strings.

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