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I use TeXnicCenter Version 2.02. and I like to make the toolbar French. So I just need a TxcResFrench.dll file to put in the language folder (c:\program files\TeXnicCenter\language). So, I did search on the net the French dictionary which contains this file, but I have not found it. Can someone direct me?

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I fear the only answer is:

There is no TxcResFrench.dll, and also no TxcResFrancais.dll or TxcResFrançais.dll for version 2.02. The German language file is not named TxcResGerman.dll, but TxcResDeutsch.dll.

I only found a hint that there existed a French language file for version 1.0 RC1: TxcResFrench.dll Details. Is this file safe?.

You could make a feature request in the user forum on LaTeX-Community.org (Feature Suggestions) or according to TeXnicCenter » Support better in the developers area: Suggest a feature (Attention, direct link to open a new ticket!).

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I have already the dictionary version RC1, I tried his file TxcResFrancais.dll , it is not compatible with version 2.02. thank you for your help. – simo Apr 7 '14 at 0:30

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