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I want to write my thesis in latex but I need to include doc and pdf file on a CD. Is it possible to generate doc file from latex?

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Give pandoc a quick look. I think it only handles new Word (docx) rather than old (doc), but LibreOffice can be used headless. –  John C Apr 5 '14 at 11:42
@JohnC it work. It don't preserve the font (all is in arial) but you can add this as an answer. –  jcubic Apr 5 '14 at 19:04

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Pandoc will convert most major formats to both PDF and old Microsoft Word (doc). LibreOffice can then be used headless.

For the font issue, there is the --reference-docx=FILE option.

Use the specified file as a style reference in producing a docx file. For best results, the reference docx should be a modified version of a docx file produced using pandoc. The contents of the reference docx are ignored, but its stylesheets are used in the new docx.

Emphasis added.

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