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Let us assume that we have a graph created by a program different from LaTeX (that is not with PStricks or Tikz). I was wandering if it is possible to incorporate mathematical symbols on that graph using a TeX editor.

Thank you.

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\stackinset from the stackengine package. See page 20 of the documentation in stackengine.pdf at ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/stackengine –  Steven B. Segletes Apr 14 at 18:44
If it is an .eps file and there is some text in this graph file, the text can be replaced from LaTeX using the \psfrag command from the corresponding package, but this collides with pdflatex nowadays a little bit –  Christian Hupfer Apr 14 at 18:44
@StevenB.Segletes this looks awesome. I will give it a try when I have time. I suppose the package is already in the MikTeX right? –  Pantelis Kazakis Apr 14 at 18:48
sounds quite a lot like: Drawing on an image with TikZ –  cmhughes Apr 14 at 18:50
Package overpic can do it without TikZ. –  Heiko Oberdiek Apr 14 at 19:26

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Basically, this is using the example of the stackengine documentation, adapted for use in math mode with the addition of \stackMath in the preamble.

The routine you want is \stackinset which has 6 arguments, \stackinset{H-anchor}{H-offset}{V-anchor}{V-offset}{inset}{underlying anchor image}. As shown here, it can be nested and the insets themselves can be stacks.

\stackinset{l}{ .1in}{b}{.2in}{y=mx+b}{%
\stackinset{r}{ .1in}{t}{.2in}{\Longstack{F_x=ma_x\\F_y=ma_y}}{%
\stackinset{r}{ .8in}{b}{.6in}{\psi^2=0}{%
\stackinset{r}{ .1in}{c}{.0in}{\imgi}{%

enter image description here

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if this question gets closed, you might post your answer here: Drawing on an image with TikZ –  cmhughes Apr 14 at 18:51
@Steven Yeah, I saw that. Looks splendid :) –  Pantelis Kazakis Apr 14 at 18:51
@cmhughes I specifically said that I want to manipulate a graph not made by PStricks or Tikz. –  Pantelis Kazakis Apr 14 at 18:55
@PantelisKazakis: The linked question is about drawing on an image... and that's that. That image could have been made using PStricks, TikZ, a camera, or whatever... –  Werner Apr 14 at 19:02
@Werner I will follow Steve's way. It is quite neat! –  Pantelis Kazakis Apr 14 at 19:03

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