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I'm trying to indent paragraphs after doing \item, for instance

\item {\bf Research Question} \\
\indent The purpose of this research is

However, \indent is not working when I'm using \item. Would there be a way to solve this?

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You're better off using enumitem to manage your lists:

enter image description here


  \item \textbf{Something}

  Something else

  \item \textbf{Something}

  Something else

\noindent \textbf{Something}

Something else


The listparindent key sets the paragraph indent inside a list item, where the default is 0pt. Note that you have to insert an explicit \par or an empty line. It's better than using \\ directly.

If you also want to indent the first paragraph in the itemize, then use itemindent, as suggested in Indenting First Paragraph in a List.

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