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I am trying to write my Thesis using LaTeX. I am using the report document class. I have created multiple TeX files (one each for abstract, acknowledgment, and chapters) using 'chapters'. When I use the titlesec package to format the chapter heading it applies to the whole document changing even the table of content, list of figures and list of tables.

I want to keep the default chapter heading style for frontmatter and use a custom chapter style for the mainmatter

Is there a way to apply different chapter style (default/multiple custom styles) to different chapters in the same document? Something similar to pagestyle!

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It is certainly possible to redefine chapter later in the document. But imho you shouldn't do it. –  Ulrike Fischer Apr 30 at 15:42
Can you show the code you have for redefining the chapter style? –  egreg Apr 30 at 17:33

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My thesis main tex looks sth like this:







\fancypagestyle{plain}{%redefining plain pagestyle


There's a style for the table of contents and then I change it for the chapters (and then I change it again for the appendix).

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