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\setbeamertemplate{block title}[horizontal shading][left=black, right=white]


The template sidebar canvas left can be set in this fashion; is there any way the same can be done for block titles using templates?

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Unfortunately, due to the way boxes are built in beamer (take a look at the definition of \beamerboxesrounded and \endbeamerboxesrounded in beamerbaseboxes.sty to see how different chunks are pieced together to build a box), this would require a major rewriting of the code producing the boxes and quite frankly I am not sure if the work is worthy the effort.

You can however, get this effect using the beamer skin for a tcolorbox and a convenient definition for interior titled code using \shade; something along these lines:


  enlarge left by=-3pt,
  colframe=block body.bg,
  adjusted title=#1,
  interior titled code={
    \shade[left color=Maroon!80,right color=Dandelion,middle color=Salmon] 
      (title.south west) --
      (title.south east) {[rounded corners] -- 
      (title.north east)  -- 
      (title.north west)} --
      (title.south west); 



\begin{block}{The title}
This box ia a box provided by the \texttt{beamer} class.

\begin{myblock}[An example with \texttt{tcolorbox}]
This box looks like a box provided by the \texttt{beamer} class.


enter image description here

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