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I've noticed in a number of examples that the following is occasionally used when working with tikz:

\tikzstyle{every picture}+=[remember picture]

When I search the documentation I can't find anything about this particular syntax. I can find no documentation for either \tikzstyle or +=.

I'm guessing that this means something like

\tikzset{every picture/.append style={remember picture}}

Could someone explain what this syntax is about and where I can find documentation for it?

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have you seen Should \tikzset or \tikzstyle be used to define TikZ styles? ? Could be relevant/helpful... – cmhughes May 2 '14 at 4:19
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You don't find an explanation for this command in newer versions of PGF/TikZ because is an old syntax which has been replaced with \tikzset; it's not very fortunate that that the manual for version 3.0 still contains this syntax in some of the examples. If you have the manual for version 1.18! (I found a version here), you'll find it on page 81 and, yes, you're right, the plus sign is the same as append style in the new syntax:

enter image description here

For more information about using \tikzset versus \tikzstyle, you can see Should \tikzset or \tikzstyle be used to define TikZ styles?.

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